Split-Flap TV Documentation

Android logo​ Install the Player app via Google Play store

Download and install the Split-Flap TV Player app on your smart TV, Google Chromecast, or another Android player via the Google Play Store.

We recommend installing the player app via the Google Play store because your app will get automatic updates. Make sure that your device connects to the Google Play Store.

Android logo​ Install the Player app as native APK

If you are unable to install using the Google Play Store, you can download the native Android APK package and install it on your television. This option is ideal for smart televisions not running the Google TV or Android TV operating system, but running the ‘raw’ Android operating system.

apple logo​ Install the Player app via Apple App store

Download and install the Split-Flap TV Player app on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

We recommend installing the player app via the Apple App store because your app will get automatic updates.

Using the Web Application

Use a web browser and log on to your Split-Flap account to manage your display boards, messages and schedules.

Add a Split-Flap TV to your account

Launch the Split-Flap TV Player app and add it to your existing Split-Flap TV account.

Creating Text Boards

Create text boards with your messages. You can use a board with one text message only, or you can add multiple text messages to a board.

Creating Picture Boards

Show your pictures instead of text messages. Pictures can be much more graphical and appealing for your audience. 

Set an Overlay Image for a Text Board

Upload a PNG image with a transparent area so that your text board looks more professional and uses some graphic around your text character messages.

Coloring Lines

All messages are displayed in white on your black Split-Flap by default. Learn how to show a specific line in another color.

Assign a Board to your Player

Once your board is ready, you can assign that board for playback on a player. You can choose to show it now, or you can schedule your board for specific times.

Using Time and Date Variables, and a few others

Use shortcodes on a board to show a real-time clock, the current date, or your device ID.

Using Counters

Use shortcodes on a board to show a real-time counters to inform and motivate viewers. Handy to show the number of days since the last accident or incident at a factory.

Using Countdowns

Place a shortcode on your board to show a real-time countdown: for example to count down to New Year or to the opening date of your hotel or restaurant.

Show Real-Time News

Use short codes to show real-time news from any news website or from your company’s website.

Show Real-Time Weather

Use weather short codes to show real-time weather information and forecasts of the next 5 days of any location in the world.

Show Inspirational or Motivational Quote

Show a random quote from our database on your Split-Flap board. We have a list of almost 50,000 quotes. You can show a random quote every hour, every few hours, or maybe for a complete day.

Show Facebook Followers

Show in real-time how many followers you have on Facebook. This to engage shops visitors and suggest them to follow your Facebook page for more posts and promotions. 

Show Instagram Followers

Be hip and show your Instagram followers in real-time. Show your Insta-popularity in real-time and update the counter every time a new follower is added to your page.

Show Custom Data from Any Data Source

Are you seeking a unique and captivating way to display data from a custom source on a Split-Flap TV? Look no further! Our team specializes in bringing the past and present together by integrating real-time data with the charm of a Split-Flap display.

We can connect your boards to XML data, JSON data, or any other data source. Contact us and tell us your requirements and desires.

Show Real-Time Data From Any XML Data Source

Connect your Split-Flap board to any data source via XML (Extensible Markup Language) and show real-time on your screens.

Show Custom Data from a JSON Data Source

Connect your board to a remote and public server and link to any element on your Split-Flap board. We can update your data every second. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is very common for data exchange between machines and processes.

Run a Name-fie Campaign in your Shop

Are you looking for an interactive marketing campaign with your customers and visitors? Let me show their name for a second on your Split-Flap TV that they will post as a name-fie on their social media, with your slogan, your brand name, your hashtags.

Contact us for more information about this unique possibility.