What customers ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform do you support?

We support 2 operating systems or platforms: Android and Apple.

What devices can be used?

There are basically 3 options for Android devices:

  1. A smart TV that runs on Google TV OS (operating system), or Android TV OS, so that you can connect to the Google Play store and get the Split-Flap TV app from there.
  2. A plain Android OS TV like Philips, Sony Bravia, TCL, and others, where you can install the APK (=installer file). This step is more for technical people. This step is less user-friendly than the first option if you are not used to the Android operating system.
  3. Any TV where you connect a Google Chromecast to an HDMI port of the TV, and where you get the app again from the Google Play store.

For Apple devices:

  1. Use an Apple device and connect it to your television. Get the Split-Flap from the Apple Store and install it on your device.
  2. Use an iPhone and get the app from the Apple Store. Run it on your iPhone.
  3. Or use an iPad and get the app from the Apple Store. Run it on your iPad e.g. at your welcome desk.
What is your refund policy? Can I get a refund?

Split-Flap TV is committed to a 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason then feel free to claim a full refund on your purchase.

However the #1 reason for refund is some kind of misunderstanding. Therefore, we’d like you to first raise a support ticket to help us understand where you’re stuck. Most issues can be solved with a simple email and our prompt support ensures you’re never disappointed.

If you believe that you still need a refund, just write to us within 14 days of making the original purchase. This policy is applicable to first purchase and not renewals.

We created this communication tool to help you generate more profits in your business – so it’s always the relationship that matters to us more than the transaction.

Does it work with Apple devices?

Yes sure. Our app is accepted and publicly available at the Apple Store.

You can use it on a television, your iPhone, or your iPad.

Does it work with Android devices?

Yes sure. Our app is accepted and publicly available at the Google Play Store.

You can use it on an Android television, Android phone, Android tablet, or an Android player such as the Google Chromecast.

Can I control multiple televisions?

Sure! When you log on to your account, you will find all the televisions to are assigned to your account. You can create a board with your personal messages and send that to all your screens. Or you can send individual text messages to the screens. Whatever you need.

But do note that a subscription per television is required. Even when it is a video wall setup with multiple televisions.

Which characters are supported?

We simulate a real Split-Flap board and a Split-Flap module is basically a roll or sequence of characters that are showing. We can show any character that you want to put on the module. Just note that the more characters you have, to longer the flipping animation takes when updating the board.

The characters that you want to include on the board can be set at the definition of the board. By default, we use these characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!@#%^&*()+-=:”<>?,./;’°$€£

You can also set one replacement character on your board. This character will be used (default value is *) whenever a character is used in your message, that is not present in the list of characters on the splitflap module.

Even complex languages or character sets like Chinese or Japanese are supported.

Does it also work in my country?

Yes, this service works worldwide. You only need a tablet or television, power, and internet.

Is it a price per TV or can I use an unlimited number of screens with one subscription?

We try to help you as much as possible but you need a license per television or tablet. We also need funding for our development and support for you. Ask us for volume discount if you want to order multiple licenses.

What about a video wall with multiple screens?

Split-Flap TV also lets you create video walls – combining information across a large bank of video screens.

You can use a single player connected to the video wall. The televisions are “chained” as one large video wall. You will need a Split-Flap TV player license for each screen in your video wall, so a 4-screen setup of a 2×2 video wall will require 4 subscriptions.

The bigger the TV, the bigger the font?

Yes correct, the bigger the television, the bigger the characters are. But you are in control to specify how many lines and how many characters there are. But the characters on a 100” TV will be double the size of a 50” TV.

Does this have the sound of a mechanical Split-Flap board?

Yes it has. Via your control panel you can choose to have this clicking sound when it updates. A simple switch you have there to turn it on or off.

And next to this software-controlled option, you can still use your TV’s remote control to silence the sound, or to control the sound volume.

Can I connect to JSON or XML?

Yes, you can connect your board to any open JSON or XML URL and bind it to a specific column and row. And you can even update this every second! We have a speical all-including plan for this, called the Captain plan. Contact us for more information.

Is there an API available to update my content?

Sure we have that so that you can update everything via scripting and automation. Contact us for more information.

I have a special request to link my board to ...

We can help. We can even build a custom function for you, with a sort of own shortcode that you can use to insert data from another service or system. Contact us for more information.