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Can I control multiple televisions?

Sure! When you log on to your account, you will find all the televisions to are assigned to your account. You can create a board with your personal messages and send that to all your screens. Or you can send individual text messages to the screens. Whatever you need. 

Which characters are supported?

We simulate a real Split-Flap board and a Split-Flap module is basically a roll or sequence of characters that are showing. The characters that we support are:

  • 0123456789
  • !~`@#%^&*()_+-=:”<>?,./;’[]|°

Special characters like À Á Â Æ Ç È É Õ Ñ are replaced by a corresponding base character like A E O N etc.

All other unsupported characters are shown as *

Can I work with Mac iOS or iPhone?

The Split-Flap TV player app is designed to work on the Android Operating system. So you can use this on any Android driven smart TV like there are Android OS, Google TV and Android TV.

When you television is not using those operating systems, then you can always connect an Android TV stick like there are Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The content management system is a web application to manage and schedule your boards. That can be used on the Windows, Android and iOS as well as iPhone platform.

The bigger the TV, the bigger the font?

Yes correct, the bigger the television, the bigger the characters are. But you are in control to specify how many lines and how many characters there are. But the characters on a 100” TV will be double the size of a 50” TV.

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