PRICELISTS on a Customizable Split-Flap TV

Create a better atmosphere for customers by displaying pricelists with an Innovative Approach to a Classic Split-Flap Board

display your split flap moments on a split flap television

Frustrated with Pricelists?

Using messages on paper for the customers at your shop or restaurant? They are tedious to update and lack space to portray all the pricelists you want customers to access. This forces you to leave off some info, causing poor customer experiences as customers either go without info or search for an employee to help them.

Traditional Split-Flap boards also cost a lot of money and can break down easily, causing you to lose profits on expensive repairs. Your customers like the retro aesthetic and you don’t want to write down updates by hand, but a Split-Flap just doesn’t seem worth all the stress, expenses, and inefficiency.

That’s why you need an innovative approach to a classic look and feel.

Easily make instant updates

for promos, Roof top bars, breakfast, menus, cocktails and any other information you want to display

Provide all the information your guests need

in a fun and unique way with customizable rows and columns and unlimited number of pages

Show messages at the right time

with simple scheduling and flexible display times

Enhance your atmosphere

with retro appearance, nostalgic clicking sounds, and color customization which is  perfect fit for your hotel lobby

Show news, time, date, weather, and more

automatically, without tedious updates

Save time and money

because you won’t have to worry about expensive Split-Flap maintenance or having to waste hours writing updates by hand

Satisfy guests

by making it easier for them to get the info they want without hassle

Use the software on your own smart tv

or get our complete smart tv beginner package

A Digital Split-Flap to Make Life Easier

With Split-Flap TV you get all the benefits of a retro Split-Flap display, without any of the frustrations.

reimagining the classic split flap board
public displays of attention

The Split-Flap TV Communication Solution

We know how much people like Split-Flap boards because they give a retro trendy appearance while serving a useful purpose. However, for many restaurants and (coffee) shops, the benefits are just not worth the expensive costs and time-consuming use.

That’s why we created the first and only Split-Flap communication board for smart TVs.

When creating Split-Flap TV we knew we had to balance the traditional sights and sounds of Split-Flap boards, but also add in additional features for simpler use, enhanced functionality, and a fun communication solution.

Three Simple Steps to Satisfy Customers with an Innovative Communication Solution

  1. Use the button below to order Split-Flap TV or add our software to your existing smart tv
  2. Download the player app and set up your messages, schedule, colors, and more
  3. Show messages, menus, promos, schedules, and more with fun and nostalgia!

Restaurant and café menus

Flight status

Train or bus schedules

Hotel lobby guest info

Wi-fi password

Promos and advertising

Meeting room designation

Event updates

Guest instructions

Doctor waiting rooms

ER wait times

Welcome signs

Hours of operation sign

Customer service desk

Real-time news and weather updates

New products and services

Much more!

Simple Messaging for Any Use

With personalized customization, Split-Flap TV can be used to match any aesthetic, display any information, and improve customer satisfaction anywhere, any time.

Revive the classic messageboard with our Split Flap TV


It’s Time to Improve Your Pricelist

Whether you want to add a brand-new Split-Flap TV to your shop or (QSR) restaurant or simply use our software on a smart tv you already have, the easy-to-use technology, attractive nostalgia, and trendy appearance can provide greater value to you, your employees, and your customers.

All the benefits of handwritten chalkboards or costly traditional Split-Flap boards without hard to read messaging, frustrated customers, and time-consuming maintenance.