Split-Flap TV: How It Works

We are so glad you chose our amazing Split-Flap TV digital signage system for your company or organization. Here is how you get started with showing your own messaging using Split-Flap TV.

Buy a certified Split-Flap-TV-television

Step 1: Choose Your Hardware

Split-Flap TV is a new communication and digital signage solution that works with any standard television. You can either buy a pre-built Split-Flap TV from us, which comes with the Starter Package for free, or you can add it to your own equipment.

Option 1: Purchase a Split-Flap TV (Currently Europe Only)

When you purchase a Split-Flap TV from our shop, it comes with the Starter Package for free, and the Split-Flap TV Player app is installed on the television. No additional hardware is needed—just electricity and Internet access.

Option 2: Add Split-Flap TV to Existing or New Equipment (Global)

You can also bring your own television (Android, Android TV, or Google TV) or connect an Android TV stick (such as a Fire TV stick) directly to the HDMI port of any television. Then you purchase our Starter Package to be able to manage your screen messaging. This option will work anywhere in the world with electricity and Internet access.

Split-Flap TV Player app on Google Play store

Step 2: Install Player App

On your television or TV stick install the Split-Flap TV player app. You can get it from the Google Play store directly or install it manually as an Android APK package.

Split-Flap TV Device ID not listed

Step 3: Identify Your Device

Next start the application and you will get a device ID for this television. This is like a license plate on your car. Or a registration number on an aircraft.

Log on to your Split-Flap TV account, go to Devices and open your unassigned Split-Flap TV. Enter here this Device ID to connect this TV to your account.

How does Split-Flap TV work, adding a board with messges

Step 4: Create a Board

Now you can set up your messaging. Start with a new board and choose how many text lines you want to have, and how many characters there are on each line. Then add a message with your content. Optionally you can add multiple messages to this board.

How does Split-Flap TV work? Scheduling a board for playback

Step 5: Schedule

Now add a schedule where you assign the playback of this board on your Split-Flap TV.

Split-Flap TV pricelist


Now sit down and watch your Split-Flap TV in action. It will show all your messages, all your promotions, and all your products so that you can sell more to happy customers.

Split-Flap your messages!