Show Real-Time News

SEAT NEEDED: Trial, First Class

Show Real-Time News

Enrich the content on your screens with real-time news. This is probably the best eye-catcher for your shop or office because this informative and changing very fast.

You can show RSS and ATOM information from any website. You can use RSS feeds most from your favorite news website, but you can use this same technology to capture updates and company news too from your company website, or any other website that you would like to follow.

Simply find out the URL of the RSS feed like this one for the BBC:

New to RSS?

RSS is a format in which news is communicated in a uniform way. Most news websites have this for their latest news articles. Most other websites mostly also have a RSS feed to publish their blog articles and their company news.

People usually read this type of news with RSS news readers on their computers or RSS apps on their phones, but you can show the RSS feeds directly on your Split-Flap TV boards.

real news website

RSS format

The URL of a RSS feed shows news articles in a structured way, without images, without navigation, and without advertising. This URL here ( can be used on your Split-Flap board.

RSS feed of a news website

Validate RSS URL

When you are not sure if your URL is a valid RSS (or ATOM) feed, then you can always check it at this server.

News Short Code

First Class users can add live news feeds to their Split-Flap TV boards using these short codes.

Parameter Meaning Example
{RSSURL} Address of the RSS or ATOM feed
{NUMBER} Article sequence number 1 for the first/latest article, 2 for the second article, etc.



Where {RSSURL} is replaced by the valid URL of the RSS feed and {NUMBER} is replaced by a number that corresponds to the article number. 1 is for the first article which corresponds to the last published article. 2 corresponds to the seconds article. You can go as high as there are articles on the feed.

Like for example:


You can insert this RSS shortcode anywhere on a message of your board.