Split-Flap TV Documentation

Using Time and Date Variables

SEAT NEEDED: Economy or First Class

Adding Time and Data Variables Using Short Codes

Split-Flap TV can be used to show your texts, your messages, your promotions, and more on television screens. You can also show the current time and date on your screens by using some short codes on your pages.

All the shortcodes below can be used in the Economy or First Class Split-Flap TV subscriptions.

Time Short Codes

Short code Meaning Example
#TM01# Current time in 24 hours format hh:mm 14:52
#TM02# Current time in US format (AM/PM) hh:mm AM/PM 11:37 AM

Date Short Codes

Short code Meaning Example
#DT01# Current date in dd/mm/yyyy format 26/06/2022
#DT02# Current date in mm/dd/yyyy format 06/26/2022
#DT03# Current date in dd/mm/yy format 26/06/22
#DT04# Current date in mm/dd/yy format 06/26/22
#DT05# Current date in full format (day month) Sunday, 26 June, 2022
#DT06# Current date in full format (month day) Sunday, June 26, 2022

Other Short Codes

Short code Meaning Example
#DEVICEID# Device ID of this Split-Flap TV board 91829Y23OSD98Y98400
#TIMEZONE# Assigned time zone Romance Standard Time

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