Show Real-Time Instagram Followers

SEAT NEEDED: Trial, First Class

Show the number of Instagram page followers in real-time. People use social counters to motivate people to follow them for shop news, promotions, and more. Get more followers on your business page so that they can follow your activities and products from everywhere.

To show the number of real-time followers of your e.g. ‘Split-Flap TV’ Instagram page use this shortcode below.

Note that you can only show a social Instagram counter of a page that you manage and have access to.

Connect to Instagram

First click Social in the Split-Flap TV app.

Open Socials from your dashboard

Connect to Instagram

And then click the +Facebook Login button.

Click the Facebook Login button

Next follow the steps of the connection wizard in order to grant connection from your Split-Flap TV boards to your social counters.

After a successful connection, you page will show the social counters of your social media pages.

Overview of social media info


#IGF#{Page Name}#

For example: #IGF#Split-Flap TV#

will show you the number of followers you have on the given Instagram page. That number is updated automatically every minute.