Sit back and see split flap in action

In the picture a split flap TV is displaying information on a row of flaps The message being displayed reads Flight Status On Time The characters on the flaps are in bold black and are easily legible against the white background of the display The flaps on the split flap TV are flipping with some characters changing to update the display in real time The flipping motion of the flaps adds an engaging and dynamic element to the display The split flap TV is mounted on a wall with a sleek frame surrounding the display The size of the display is large enough to catch the viewers attention and serve its intended purpose of displaying important information The overall design of the split flap TV is modern and minimalist with clean lines and a neutral color scheme The background of the display is white providing a clear contrast to the black characters on the flaps The split flap TV is situated in an airport departure lounge surrounded by passengers waiting for their flights The display is providing crucial information and keeping the passengers informed about their flight status Overall the picture shows the functional and practical use of a split flap TV in an airport setting The display adds an element of nostalgia while still being innovative and useful The message displayed on the split flap TV is essential in providing the passengers with the information they need ultimately contributing to a better travel experience