Jay-Z’s Visit to the Paper Planes Shop in New York: Evaluating the Split-Flap TV

In a surprise turn of events, rap mogul and entrepreneur Jay-Z paid a visit to the Paper Planes Shop in New York City, delighting fans and sparking a buzz in the technology world. Among the highlights of his visit was the evaluation of a unique communication board known as the Split-Flap TV, a solution that comes from us.

A Legendary Visit

Jay-Z’s visit to the Paper Planes Shop generated excitement throughout the Big Apple and personnel at the store.

Jay Z at his Paper Planes NY flagship store standing in front of a large Split Flap TV

The Split-Flap TV Communication Board

The split-flap TV is a cutting-edge communication tool that combines the nostalgic essence of old-fashioned split-flap displays with contemporary technology. Composed of individual mechanical flaps, the board can display letters, numbers, and symbols in a visually engaging manner. It operates wirelessly, meaning updates and messages can be sent remotely, ensuring real-time communication.

Jay-Z’s Evaluation

Jay-Z visited the store and a picture was published of this event. Instead of Jay-Z in a picture with his fashion items like hoodies, hats, sweatsuits, and gifts, they have chosen and published a picture with Jay-Z in front of a Split-Flap TV. So this emphasizes the importance of this old-school communication board in their flagship store. And of course, we are delighted to be the manufacturer of that board. Jay-Z and his personnel have good taste! BTW This picture was taken by his wife Beyoncé.


Jay-Z’s visit to the Paper Planes Shop in New York showcased his keen eye for innovative technology. His evaluation of the split-flap TV communication board lends credibility to its value not only as a visually captivating tool but also as a potential game-changer in public store communication. As this technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate seeing an increasing number of split-flap TVs in public spaces, captivating audiences with their nostalgic appeal and modern functionality.

So, keep an eye out for the split-flap TV in your favorite establishments, as this mesmerizing communication tool might just become the next big thing in the world of digital display technology.