Inspire Your Customers With Impactful Split-Flap Quotes

A few years ago, electromechanical display systems called Split-Flap displays were widely used at airports and train stations. They were made of painted rotating flaps on a spindle attached to a stepping motor, and were used to announce flights and routes. The split-flap’s non-intrusive flapping sound alerted people to information change.

But because they were mechanical and quite complicated devices, they were susceptible to mechanical wear-out. Now, most of these displays are gone or in museums, and have been replaced with grating TV voices droning through weather scripts and local news.

Fortunately, the split-flap’s glory still remains, albeit in a more evolved form called the Split-Flap tv.

The Split-Flap TV is an evolution of the Split-Flap design. It combines the nostalgia of your vintage Split-Flap displays with contemporary digital technology. Essentially, your TV will display info in a rotating manner like the Split-Flap, complete with a customizable clattering sound.

Traditionally, Split-Flap TV is used for pricelists, counters, weather displays, events displays, and menus, amongst others. You can also use it to share witty jokes you found on the internet.

You think that’s cool? Wait until you hear about our quotes database for Split-Flap TV.

What Are Quotes for Split-Flap TV?

In our earlier iterations of the Split-Flap TV app, you could only display quotes by manually uploading them. But not anymore. With our newest update, you can show random variating motivational or inspirational quotes on your Split-Flap TV to entertain or motivate people simply by entering a shortcode.

How’s this possible?

Simple. We have set up an exclusive database of almost 50,000 quotes for you to show on your custom display. Our archive contains quotes spanning a variety of subjects from equality, luck, love, hope, marriage, and so much more. You’ll certainly find quotes that suit your clientele.

Why You Should Add Quotes to Your Split-Flap TV Display?

The world is a weird place with tons of negativity that can get you down. There’s the news and its fear-mongering, people being people, and all sorts of challenges waiting to ruin your day. It’s a wonder we even function at all!

Seeing a kind or hopeful message on a retro-looking Split-Flap TV display might just be the light your clients need to get through their day. You’d be amazed how much you’ve helped boost your customer’s spirits with that strategically placed inspirational quote.

It’s like magic.

Here are other reasons why you should consider adding quotes to your Split-Flap displays.

  • Quotes resonate with people and arouse emotions that they eventually associate with your business.
  • They augment the ambiance. For instance, happy quotes make your sunny, tropical decor more vibrant.
  • They help move people from apathy to action.
  • They are very instagrammable. Expect lots of pictures and mentions on Instagram.
  • They’re easily noticed.
  • They’re easier to read than lengthy news reels.
  • They give you credibility.
  • They put your customers at ease.

How to use a Split-flap TV for your quotes

To show a randomized quote on your Split-Flap TV, use this shortcode below.




Let’s put that in a simpler form.

For example:

Typing #QUO#6# will show you a completely random quote from our database that will refresh in 6 hours.

The Hours parameter sets how many hours you want to keep this quote before a new random quote is chosen. In this shortcode, the quote will be taken from any category at random.

However, if you want to control the categories from which the random quotes are selected, you can list the categories that you want to be included. You can find the full list of possible categories in this link.

It’s worth noting that some categories feature several quotes, while others only have a few.

Another thing to remember is that the number of hours is always calculated with midnight UTC time as a base. So, when you use an Hours value of 6, then your quote will be refreshed at 06:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC, 18:00 UTC, and 00:00 UTC. With a value of 12, it will refresh at 12:00 UTC and 00:00 UTC.

Also, note that our platform will make sure that we return a quote that fits your board’s dimensions. So, you don’t have to worry if it fits or not.

Be sure to choose the quote categories that best suit your target audience. For instance, a healing spa facility might include categories like meditation, nature, sage, spirituality, and women while a restaurant might choose the category of food.

Again, you can select your choice categories here.

Impress Your Clients With Quotes on Split-Flap TV

People are drawn to succinct, meaningful, timely, intelligent, and entertaining material. Quotes are exactly that. Not only do they connect you with your customers and spur them to keep on patronizing you, they are also compelling and life-changing.

Transform your customer retention rates with the new Split-Flap TV quotes feature. Schedule a demo with our experts today.