Coloring Lines

Set A Color

By default, all texts are displayed in white on your Split-Flap. You can instruct your Split-Flap TV to show a specific line in another color to emphasize something, or maybe if you want to color a title or heading.

To do so, you can use the color picker to choose a color. The color picker will generate the HEX color value that you have to copy and paste on the line that you want to color. Or, if you already know a HEX color value you can just enter it.

In the screenshot here, you see that there are 2 empty lines and then a HEX color value specified; #FF6700 for orange. With this information set, all lines are displayed in white, except for the third line which will be in orange.

Set a color code on a specific line

Basic HEX Colors

HEX Color
#000000 Black
#FF0000 Red
#00FF00 Lime
#0000FF Blue
#FFFF00 Yellow
#00FFFF Cyan / Aqua
#FF00FF Magenta / Fuchsia
#C0C0C0 Silver
#808080 Grey
#800000 Maroon
#808000 Olive
#008000 Green
#800080 Purple
#008080 Teal
#000080 Navy

Our Favorite HEX Colors

There are a few HEX colors that we use ourselves a lot, because we like that color and contrast on a black Split-Flap board.

HEX Color
#E0E722 Neon Yellow
#44D62C Neon Green
#4D4DFF Neon Blue
#FFAD00 Neon Orange
#D22730 Neon Red
#C724B1 Neon Purple