The Benefits of Using a Split-Flap TV in a Restaurant located in an Old Train Station

Restaurants located in old train stations are unique spaces with a rich sense of history and character. By utilizing a Split-Flap TV, restaurants can enhance their ambiance and appeal to guests. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why restaurants in old train stations should use a Split-Flap TV.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Old train stations are filled with history and architectural details that provide a unique aesthetic appeal that can be enhanced with a Split-Flap TV. The visual appearance of a Split-Flap TV conveys a vintage feeling that aligns perfectly with the historical aesthetic of an old train station. It also adds character and charm to the restaurant, leaving guests with a lasting impression.

2. Interactive Menu Display

A Split-Flap TV can be used as an interactive menu display that showcases the restaurant’s menu offerings and specials. This creates a unique experience for guests that makes them feel special and informed. Displaying the menu with a Split-Flap TV also creates a unique ambiance and heightens the guests’ sense of the restaurant’s character, reflecting the old world-style of the train station while providing a modern and animated touch.

3. Real-Time Updates

Restaurants often have daily specials or time-limited menu items that may change frequently. A Split-Flap TV is a perfect way to update the restaurant’s menu offerings in real-time, allowing guests to keep up with the latest options. This can be especially essential in the tourist-heavy areas with international clients visiting the train station and may require restaurant service during off-hours.

4. Enhance Guest Experience

The Split-Flap TV can provide essential information such as historical facts, train depots schedules, and some news of the day, offering a broad service range and creating a multi-functional space in the restaurant. The addition of a Split-Flap TV can make the restaurant feel lively and create an atmosphere that aligns with the ambiance of the old train station.

5. Social Media Amplification

Social media can be used as a marketing tool for restaurants, especially for visually appealing spaces like old train stations. By using a Split-Flap TV, guests can take pictures and record videos that can be posted on social media, creating a platform for exposure and brand awareness. By doing so, restaurants can improve their social media presence and attract new guests to the restaurant.


In conclusion, using a Split-Flap TV in a restaurant in an old train station creates a unique and memorable guest experience. The aesthetic appeal of Split-Flap TV creates a vintage feeling that aligns perfectly with the ambiance of an old train station. Additionally, it can provide an interactive menu display, real-time updates, enhance guest experience, and social media amplification. The addition of a Split-Flap TV creates a multi-functional space that adds value to the restaurant and enhances guest comfort and overall satisfaction.