Taking off

Yes, we are ready for take-off! We started this idea in December 2021 and now 7 months later, our new Split-Flap TV idea is ready to go public.

We decided to not only offer software solutions as we do on PresentationPoint and SignageTube, but here we want to deliver a full solution with hardware included. Why hardware? Because we see that still many people have questions or doubts about the operating systems and package installations on smart TV. It is very easy, but of course, when you have to do this as a novice, then it is hard to convince someone via a website. That verbal trust that you can give to people while you are talking, is not present on a website. And that is why we start offering a fully working solution with hardware and software combined.

Of course, we are not going to ship televisions to e.g. North America. No, we have a workaround for that where we can offer an Amazon Fire TV Stick solution to accomplish the same on any television worldwide. Soon we are going to offer the full package too in the U.S.A. or Canada for the North American market.

Our smart TV application is listed on the Google Play store and is available as an APK setup. Our website and Content Management System are ready for the end users.

At PresentationPoint we started building software solutions with real-time and automated content on your screens, and with Split-Flap TV we continue this. We have added great dynamic functionality to your Split-Flap messages where you can add real-time news and weather, next to your ‘static’ messages.

Let’s get started with Split-Flap TV. Have a safe flight!