How to Show Real-Time Weather Information on Your Custom Split-Flap TV

Split-Flap boards have been used to tell the time, show what trains and flights are coming in, and when they arrive. In recent years, Split-Flap boards have been customized to show short texts like quotes, news, or jokes. However, one of the most popular uses for Split-Flap technology remains weather display. People want to know what the weather will be like. It helps us plan our day and dictates what activities we can participate in. Train stations, airports, and hotels used to have huge Split-Flap boards telling the weather. In fact, some still use this nostalgic medium to display weather info in an aesthetically pleasing way. And with the creation of the Split-Flap TV, it’s even easier to show weather data from any part of the world without losing the magic of clacking boards.

Let’s show you how.

Boring Digital Weather Signage vs Split-Flap TV

Old Split-Flap boards used rotating flaps that were split in two and spun by a mechanical engine. The flaps had painted-on numbers or texts that changed when the engine rotated and emitted a comforting clacking sound during each spin. It was an impressive sight to behold, and listen to.

However, like most devices with many moving parts, the Split-Flap board had mechanical faults that caused the flaps to stick or fall out altogether. It was not easy to maintain, so split-flaps were slowly replaced with LED screens over the years.

It truly seemed like the end of an era. Until we launched the Split-Flap TV.

The Split-Flap TV is an evolution of the old Split-Flap board. It combines the nostalgic visuals, functionality, and sounds of the original Split-Flap mechanism with the digital advancements of the 21st century. In simpler terms, the Split-Flap TV causes an ordinary digital screen to display information like a Split-Flap board, clacking sounds included.

The Split-Flap TV solves the high maintenance problem of the old Split-Flap design, and lets you display and update real-time info remotely without having to manually key it in.

But you’re probably thinking, “Why should I use a Split-Flap TV when I can just use digital signage?” Well, here’s why:

  • Your guests aren’t bombarded by the harsh bluelight from LEDs
  • Vanilla-looking digital screens are not viral Instagram material
  • A Split-Flap TV makes for a memorable first impression
  • Split-Flap TVs have immense nostalgia value for people all over the world
  • The clickety clack sound is awesome

In short, the Split-Flap TV zhuzhes up the boring digital display that we’re so used to and is the perfect medium for your weather display. With a Split-Flap TV, your guests or customers can easily cut through the chatter of weather forecasts and get right to the information they want. No brightly-coloured images to distract them, or annoying ads either.

Tourists may be reassured that the weather is ideal for beach vacations, skiing, surfing, and other weather-dependent activities.

How to use the Split-Flap Weather Display Software.

The Split-Flap TV is based on an app running on an Android-based smart display or an HDMI stick player or device, such as a Fire TV or Chromecast.

It runs on:

  • Plain Android;
  • Google TV OS;
  • Android TV OS.

And with our easy-to-use shortcode, you can show the weather information for any location in the world.

You simply have to enter the following syntax:


For instance, #WEA#AA#Brussels,BE#C# will display the current temperature of the Brussels city in Belgium, in Celsius. However, you should note that:

  • The first part (WEA) is the instruction for weather information.
  • AA is a code for current temperature in a certain location. There are other codes for forecasts that go beyond the current date, and you can find them in our technical document here.
  • Brussels,BE refers to Brussels in Belgium and is the location. You can enter a location by typing just the city name; city name and country code; city name, in addition to state code and country code.

However, the state functionality only works with states in the US. You can find relevant state and country codes here. And if you aren’t sure about the name of a place, please verify it on our weather API service.

  • C returns the value in Celsius. This is an optional argument that can be specified.
  • All codes except for the location must be in uppercase!
  • The Split-Flap TV also supports more than 30 languages. Do check our documentation for specifics

Get Smart Weather Display With Split-Flap TV

Split-Flap TV offers a low-cost solution for businesses and brands to show real-time weather observations, information, and forecasts in a retro-like way. We offer the best of both worlds, and you can be a part of it.

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