Introducing Split-Flap TV App Version 3.0: A New Era of Information Display

Split-Flap TVs have always been an alluring and captivating method of displaying information, but with the advancement of technology, it was only a matter of time before they transitioned back into the digital world. Enter Split-Flap TV App Version 3.0, which brings the iconic split-flap technology to your televisions and other display devices.

One of the most notable features of version 3.0 of the Split-Flap TV App is the improved clicking sounds. With every panel flip, you’ll hear a satisfying sound that replicates the original flip-disc click of the mechanical displays. This brings back the nostalgia and tactile aspect of using these devices and adds a sensory experience to the app.

But that’s not all that makes this version special. Split-Flap TV App 3.0 takes a unique step by allowing users to flip not only text but pictures as well. This adds a completely new dimension to the digital experience, making it a fun way to showcase photos or graphic design pieces.

The font is another area that sees improvements in version 3.0. Your text can be displayed in bold, making it easier to read even from a distance. This allows for better visibility and legibility, which is important when creating eye-catching displays.

Additionally, the overlay image feature takes customization to the next level. Users can create their own overlays to display over the images or text, adding a more personalized touch. This feature is especially useful for branding or advertising purposes, making it stand out from other apps in today’s digital market.

Split-Flap TV App Version 3.0 truly brings the split-flap technology into the modern era. It’s a fun and innovative way to display information, offering a unique and captivating experience for users of all ages. Whether used at home or in a business setting, it’s a great tool to create an eye-catching display.

How to get the new version?

If you have installed the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, then there is a good chance that the new app is already installed on your player or television (or it would come in automatically). When you don’t have version 3.0 yet, then go to your settings and check for updates.

When you have installed the app as APK on your device, then you need to manually upgrade your installation.


In conclusion, the Split-Flap TV App Version 3.0 is an exciting development that brings the charm of the flip-disc displays to the digital world. The improved clicking sounds, picture flips, bold font, and overlay image features take customization and innovation to a new level. With this app, the nostalgia and fascination surrounding split-flap technology are available at your fingertips.