Introducing Overlay Images on Text Messages: Reinventing Split-Flap TV

Always seeking innovative ways to upgrade the typical experience for our users, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new feature: the ability to overlay images onto your text messages on Split-Flap TV!

Ever since the birth of Split-Flap TV, we have continually sought to redefine boundaries, paving the way for ceaseless innovation. Our latest feature signifies our determination to keep setting trailblazing standards, especially in terms of aesthetics.

About The Feature

With our new overlay images on text messages feature, you can now place an image with pictures, illustrations, emoticons, logo, slogan, company name, etc., on top of your text messages. This splash of color and creativity not only enhances the visual appeal of your text messages but also adds a personal touch, making the conversation more engaging and interactive.

Spice-up Your Messages, Your Way!

Let’s face it. Plain words can sometimes be too monotonous. Why not add a splash of color, name, and icons to your text messages?

This new feature allows you to customize your messages by overlaying them with an image of your choice, to optimize the impact!

Make every text message a work of digital art!

How to Use it?

1. Create a transparent PNG image that will be mostly transparent with fixed and colored areas at the top, bottom, left, or right. In those colored non-transparent areas, you can put your company name, slogan, logo etc.
2. Upload the PNG image to your Split-Flap TV media library.
3. Create a text board but keep in mind that there are Split-Flap modules or positions that you cannot use because of the colored area.
4. Enable the use of an overlay image at the definition of your text board.
5. Schedule this text board for playback on your TV.

An Exciting Step into the Future

We sincerely believe this is an impressive step further into the already exciting digital era of Split-Flaps. Having said that, this is just a small fraction of the many more exciting features and updates that we have in mind.

With the introduction of this feature, the chances to impress and dazzle have just skyrocketed. So go ahead, enjoy overlaying text messages on Split-Flap TV and let the magic begin.

Stay tuned, more is on the way!

Overlay image sample