How to gain more followers with a Split-Flap TV Instagram counter

Check this out. Your customer just purchased something from your brick-and-mortar store. Maybe they’re new or maybe they aren’t, but they really like your product and seem like they’d give a good review. So, you invite them to follow your Instagram account. They smile, nod enthusiastically and leave. But how can you be sure that they’d remember to follow you? How do you persuade them to hit that follow button while they’re still in your shop?

The answer is right at your finger tips. A Split-Flap TV Instagram counter.

The Split-Flap TV Instagram counter combines the attractive style of vintage split flap signs with the contemporary ease of LED displays. It shows the number of followers of your Instagram page in real time by flipping the digital boards once someone follows your account.

The nostalgic clacking sound and flipping boards is an instant hit with customers and encourages them to follow your IG page just so they can see that board turn.

Our intuitive design lets you have as many digits as you want with extra space for any text you’d want to add.

Similar devices in the market often come with a cap on the number of digits you can add, and charge so much for them too (we’ve seen $300 for 5 digits and $450 for 7). Furthermore, most of them only show you the number count, and nothing else.

But we do more.

The Split-Flap TV Instagram counter lets you display alternating texts or messages alongside your Instagram followership count. This means you can add a call to action asking customers or your audience to follow your account. You’re not just limited to a CTA either. You can put up your website name or offer customers a cute ‘thank you’ message for their patronage.

We also have space for your freebies!

You can show your target audience how much their support means to you with a short sentence offering free tips and products to subscribers.

Why you need a Split-Flap TV Instagram counter

People use social counters to motivate people to follow them for shop news, promotions, and more. When people can see how their followership counts in real-time, they’re better motivated to follow your page and engage with your brand on social media.

Here are more ways a Split-Flap TV can help your business.

1.   Shows popularity and credibility:

Instagram counters are a great way to show that you have clout on the internet and beyond it. People believe a bad business wouldn’t have a strong followership, therefore flipping IG counters are your best bet when you need to show how trustworthy your brand is.

2.   Provides fun entertainment for your customers:

There’s just something captivating about rotating split flap boards. Maybe it’s because they remind us of cozy train rides and luxurious flights to exotic lands. Whatever it is, it attracts camera-wielding customers that make your store viral.

3.   Great for teams

Nothing motivates your team more like seeing their effort translating to more customers in real-time. Transforming your follower count into a more tangible format will certainly give you and your team a fun reason to come to work everyday.

Our Instagram counter doesn’t have to be just in-store either. You can use your custom counter for your videos and Instagram Lives as a cool prop.

How to install Split-Flap TV Instagram counter

To show your IG follower count in real-time, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect to Instagram. You can only show the numbers of a page that you manage and have access to. You can connect by clicking on ‘Social’ in the Split-Flap TV app.
  2. Click the +Facebook Login button.
  3. Run the connection wizard. This process connects your Split-Flap TV boards to your social counters. After a successful connection, you page will show the social counters of your social media pages.
  4. Input the syntax/shortcode. Use this short code to show the followers you have on your page: #IGF#{Page Name}#. For example: #IGF#Split-Flap TV#. This number is updated automatically every minute.

Pretty neat, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get more followers to follow your social the easy Split-Flap TV way. Visit our website to order yours today.