5 Epic Reasons Why You Should Get a Split-Flap Tablet for your Business

Mounting a Split-Flap TV in your store, hotel, restaurant, or bar is transformational. There’s just something about those letters and numbers switching that keeps customers coming back. Whether you’re displaying your followership count, specials, weather, local news, or funny quotes, Split-Flap TV’s sure to bring that classic ambiance to your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

But do you know what’s even better? Our new line of Split-Flap TV on Android tablets. We’ll call them Split-Flap Tablets for now.

The Split-Flap Tablet uses the same Split-Flap interface as the TV, but in a more affordable and portable mode. Unlike its TV-based cousin, you don’t need to fix the Split-Flap Tablet in one spot, you can use it anywhere!

Yes, even in the bathroom.

The Split-Flap Tablet is especially useful for small businesses, content creators, and new entrepreneurs who’d like an affordable yet unique display option that they can carry wherever they want.

Excited already? We know you’d be. That’s not all, though. In this blog, we’ll dive into why you should use Split-Flap TV on a tablet. 

Advantages of Using Split-Flap TV on a Tablet

Until now, Split-Flap TV has been advertised as a Split-Flap display software for a large TV in your office, hotel, or shop. But we’re always innovating and searching for what’s best for our customers. So, we created a more mobile and less expensive version offering the same functionality as the TV. We created the Split-Flap display for Android Tablets.

And here’s why you should get them.

1. They Take Less Space

You need your space; whether it’s to display more of your products, or you’re just going for a minimalist decor. And a TV takes up a considerable amount of wall space.  However, with Split-Flap Tablets, you can maximize your space by displaying the way you want without the clutter of a big screen.

2. They’re Portable

With the Split-Flap TV on Tablet, you can take your display everywhere you go. You can use it for your Instagram lives in one moment, and in the next, it’s mounted at your office or store.

It’s always time for business with the Split-Flap Android Tablet.

You can also transfer them from one part of your building to the other. Let’s say you have a few tablets displaying your drinks of the day. It’ll be easier to take these tablets to your customers, rather than make them walk up to the TV on the wall. You can decide to mount a tablet at your reception or near your restrooms to advertise your complimentary services like event catering. This way, you’re literally advertising to a captive audience.

3. They’re affordable

Installing the Split-Flap software on your Android tablet is much easier and cheaper than buying a whole TV for the Split-Flap TV software. And you don’t need to buy a new tablet too, your current Android tablet will do the trick, as long as it meets the build requirements.  An Android tablet also helps you save on maintenance costs. They don’t require as much support as a TV and rarely show signs of problems.

4. They conserve power

Batteries rule and wires drool. Tablets have a lengthy battery life, allowing you to display quotations, pricing lists, menus, and counters on demand (or on a loop). This helps you save money on power and wiring too. It’s one step to a greener lifestyle, a giant step for mankind.

5. Modern Technology

Another benefit of using tablets in a business is it boosts your company’s image. People want lighter, sleeker hardware, and it’s a good idea to give people what they want.

A business that stays up-to-date with the latest technology will look stylish and contemporary. Furthermore, using tablets demonstrates a grasp of your client’s requirements and interests, which is especially important for companies that work in the tech business.

How Does Split-Flap Work?

Split-Flap technology was used decades ago to announce flights and train routes. It consisted of a stepper motor with a spindle and rotating flaps. These flaps flipped to reveal numbers or letters on another flap behind them. However, these boards easily fell off or stopped rotating.

So, instead of rotating boards that are hard to operate and maintain, We created a new split-flap feature with digital panels that display and alternate like the classic split flaps, complete with clacking sounds (which you can remove too).

Our product is suitable for a variety of business use cases. They include:

  • Hotel displays
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shops
  • Instagram and Facebook followership counts
  • Auctions
  • Weather and news displays, and so on.

And we’re rolling out new features every day.

Upgrade Your Space With a Split-Flap TV Tablet

Don’t want the bulk or expense of a Split-Flap TV? No worries. Enjoy the simple and minimalistic beauty of our Split-Flap TV software on your tablet. Our tablet offers the same functionality as our TV and will fit in with any decor you go with. They’re so good, your customers might just try to go home with them.

Contact us today to find out how you can tailor the Split-Flap TV technology to your business needs.