How Digital Pricelists in Split-Flap Format Can Revolutionize Your Business

As a business owner, pricing strategies are always on your mind. You want to set your prices in a way that maximizes revenue while keeping customers happy. This can be a daunting task, but digital pricelists in Split-Flap format offers a solution that can make things easier.

What are digital pricelists in Split-Flap format?

Digital pricelists in Split-Flap format are a new way of displaying prices in an eye-catching and attention-grabbing way. These pricelists feature a number of flipping panels, with prices displayed on each panel. The flipping panels add a unique dimension to the display, as prices can change with a physical flip of the panel.

The Split-Flap format was originally used in transportation hubs to display train schedules. It has since been adopted in other applications. Digital pricelists in Split-Flap format are the digital version of this classic display.

The benefits of digital pricelists in Split-Flap format

Digital pricelists in Split-Flap format offer many benefits for business owners:

  • Eye-catching: The distinctive flipping panels make the display of prices eye-catching, helping to grab the attention of customers.
  • Easy to update: Digital pricelists can be easily updated using a computer or mobile device. This is particularly helpful if you have a large inventory or frequently update product prices.
  • Customizable: Digital pricelists can be customized to fit your brand’s colors and style. This ensures a cohesive look for your store and products.
  • Reduces errors: Using a digital pricelist in Split-Flap format helps reduce the risk of pricing errors. Since prices can be updated remotely, there’s no need to manually change each price tag if a price update is missed.
  • Saves time: Since digital pricelists can be updated remotely, staff don’t need to spend time manually updating prices. This can save your staff time, which they can use for other important tasks.

Implementation and cost

Digital pricelists in Split-Flap format are becoming more common in retail stores and restaurants. Implementation can be expensive depending on the size of your inventory and the number of panels required. Some businesses opt for smaller displays for more targeted displays of products and prices, while others incorporate digital pricelists into larger displays.

Overall, the cost of implementation is worth it as digital pricelists in Split-Flap format can help reduce costs and increase revenue.


Digital pricelists in Split-Flap format can be a great investment for your business. They offer a unique and eye-catching way to display prices, while also saving time and reducing errors. If you’re considering a new pricing strategy, digital pricelists in Split-Flap format may be worth further exploration.