Daniel’s Bakery & Split-Flap Menus in Chef & Hotel Magazine

Daniel’s Bakery’s Split-Flap Menus in Chef & Hotel Magazine

Nestled in the heart of La Reina, Chile, a charming and bustling neighborhood known for its vibrant food scene, Daniel’s Bakery has managed to carve out a niche that has captured the attention of both locals and culinary enthusiasts alike with it’s bold colors and vintage-feeling split-flap menus.

In a recent issue of Chef & Hotel Magazine, the renowned publication turned the spotlight on this artisanal gem, drawing attention to its innovative approach to blending tradition and modernity. The Bakery is  a proud client of ours, and has skillfully incorporated our state-of-the-art Split-Flap TV software to create a truly unique dining experience. With a nod to the nostalgic charm of yesteryear, their vintage-inspired digital split-flap menu boards have not only elevated the visual aesthetics of the bakery but have also generated buzz among patrons, catapulting their bakery and our menus into the limelight.

Daniel’s Bakery uses only natural ingredients, and features such mouth-watering options as the Bagel Tex, Sheet Pan Pizza, Kit Kat waffles, many types of coffee, and their own blend of tea, along with slushies with flavors that change every day.

We love the creative way that Daniel’s Bakery has used our software and we are proud and honored to be an important part of such a bold and vibrant food experience.

Read the Chef & Hotel full article here. Both Spanish and English versions of the article are available through the site.

Customer: Daniel’s Bakery

Location: La Reina, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Website: https://www.daniels.cl/

Daniels Bakery Split Flap TV menu
A menuboard and price list on a split flap television at Daniels Bakery
A menuboard and price list on a split flap television at Daniels Bakery

Images by Ronny Belmar V. via Chef & Hotel