Aviation Signage using Split-Flap TV: Plane Spotting in Style

When it comes to airshows, there’s no denying that keeping aviation enthusiasts informed is a top priority. So excellent aviation signage is a must.

With a multitude of aircraft arriving throughout the day and an ever-changing lineup to enjoy, ensuring that attendees have the most up-to-date information on the featured planes is key. That’s where the innovative use of Split-Flap TV for aviation signage comes in, bridging the gap while adding a delightful throwback appeal.

aviation signage Split Flap TV at airshow

Airshow organizers have long recognized the importance of providing comprehensive information on the featured aircraft. In many instances, aircraft enthusiasts, also commonly referred to as “spotters,” are provided with a booklet that outlines the aircraft scheduled to appear at the show prior to the event day. However, this only paints a partial picture, as plenty of planes often arrive on show day itself – leaving spotters scrambling for details.

To address this challenge and keep spotters engaged and informed, organizers have turned to the nostalgic yet effective Split-Flap TV.

“I wanted to show the arrivals which had arrived during the airshow day as we had already produced a booklet that covered all the aircraft which were at the show prior to the show day for the enthusiasts,” an organizer explained. This real-time visual display complements the pre-printed booklet, allowing spotters to keep track of the new arrivals without feeling overwhelmed.

Here is a video of the aviation signage solution in action at the Colford Air Show.

The use of Split-Flap TV technology brings with it a charming, retro ambiance that entices airshow attendees. “I liked the idea of the retro feel,” the organizer added. With a design reminiscent of vintage airport departure boards and train schedule displays, Split-Flap TVs evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a practical and efficient way to keep spotters in the loop.

This clever integration of Split-Flap TV for aviation signage enables spotters to focus on what they love most – capturing the perfect photos and marveling at the magnificent aircraft featured at the airshow. As they revel in the retro aesthetics, attendees can be confident that the information they need is readily available, making their airshow experience all the more enjoyable.

Reinventing the way we approach aviation signage at airshows, the use of Split-Flap TV technology proves to be more than just a nostalgic nod to the past, but a tangible solution to keep aircraft enthusiasts informed and engaged in the present.

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