6 Ways to impress your hotel guests with Split-Flap TV

Picture this. A quaint train station or airport, bustling with people going to the most exotic locations, and a familiar clacking noise announcing the next train or flight in the background. Yes, you guessed right. It’s a split flap notice board.

Split flap boards have been used in airports and train stations for ages. They were used to announce flights, tell the weather, and send short snippets of information. They were beautiful.

The coming of digital tech has made split flaps rare. The stark, cold colors of digital screens are replacing the nostalgia of these rotating black and white boards.

Or so we thought.

The old Split-Flap information board is making a significant comeback. And not just in airports and train stations. Bars, event centers, coffee shops, and even hotels are joining the revival. The new Split-Flap board combines the charming sentimentality of the old days with the technological advancement of the modern era.

Instead of rotating boards that are hard to operate and maintain, new split flaps feature innovative digital panels that display and alternate just like the old split flaps, sounds included. The Split-Flap can be used for hospitality, infotainment, communication, and display price lists.

This innovation is called the Split-Flap TV, and here’s how you can use it to scale your hotel business.

Why do you need Split-Flap TV in your hotel?

There are many reasons to use the Split-Flap TV in your hotel. They range from information display to having your guests reduced to joyful tears.

We’re going to look at a few below.



The reception area is your hotel’s first impression. It’s where new and prospective guests meet your brand for the first time. Your hotel reception can make or mar your business, so you should pay extra attention.

You need to engage your guests from the get-go. You need to impress them. And there’s no better way to sweep your guests off their feet than with a Split-Flap TV.

Not only do the changing flaps capture their attention, but it also calms and reminds them of simpler times.



Why use boring old signboards when you can use a customizable Split-Flap TV to help your guests navigate your hotel. You can also switch the text on the signboard to show when a hall is occupied or when a room is undergoing repairs.

Way-finding isn’t just a hotel thing; you can use the Split-Flap TV to direct guests outside the hotel. For instance, you can display directions to the nearest bus stops, hospitals, tourist attractions, and airports.


Event notification and General Communication

Are you inviting a celebrity artist but don’t want to put up a tacky banner to announce it? Do your guests bomb you with questions about the meal of the day? Instead of continually wasting resources on paper notices and room calls, you can simply upload whatever information you want to be shared on Split-Flap TV. The best part is you can update it as prices or other essential info changes in real-time. Split-Flap TV is both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. There’s no need to continually print fliers that’ll end up in the trash or call someone to fix a banner blown away by the wind.

All you need to do is install Split-Flap TV on your digital screen and use your device to send real-time or scheduled messages to your new Split-Flap TV notice board. You can also put up local news, weather forecasts, local attractions, and any news you want to share with your guests.


Marketing and entertainment

Split-Flap TV is great for branding too. You can customize the fonts and look to tie in with your business. You can also display quirky jokes or quotes to entertain your guests. Some hoteliers even use Split-Flap TV to showcase the beauty of local poems and folklore.


Staff Schedules

It’s not just about the guests either. The Split-Flap TV works great for in-house (in-hotel) use too. You can use it to share information with your staff to do their jobs better.

For instance, you can show what rooms need cleaning after checkout and who has cleaning duty. Does your hotel have a constantly changing employee timetable? No worries, Split-Flap TV can help you keep your schedules tidy. You can also use the classic display to help your staff keep up with changing prices and promotional discounts.



This is, unarguably, one of Split-Flap TV’s selling points. The look, sound, and feel of these little boards sliding over is a unique experience.

It’s like being transported to an old-timey train station with antique chairs and holiday smells. You can almost taste the warm home-cooked meal waiting for you and the divine bubble bath too.

This cozy imagery is what you want your guests to feel when they arrive at your hotel.

The Split-Flap TV is a stylish yet practical way to honor the past while providing crowds with continually updated information. We’re reinventing the beauty of these screens practically and inexpensively, and it’s a win on all sides! You don’t have to maintain individual flaps like in the old days, and you can still easily communicate with your guests.

And remember, a Split-Flap TV makes for the perfect instagrammable backdrop. Your hotel can be the next viral hotspot if you play your cards right.

So, it’s evident that your hotel could do with a Split-Flap TV. And we can help with that. Simply get a display screen from our website in the size that best suits you, and we’ll set it up to function, appear, and sound like a traditional Split-Flap display board (yep, we can make the clackety-clack sound too). Once your screen is set up, download the Split-Flap TV app once your screen is delivered, and have fun.

You can also use your own screen with the Split-Flap TV app, and we’ll provide all the support you need to get your new display board running. The app works with any standard television and can be customized in various ways to suit your needs.


Ready to capture your guests’ attention? Contact us today.