5 Split-Flap TVs at Daniel’s Bakery

Daniel’s Bakery in Chile uses video wall of 5 Split-Flap TVs

In today’s fast-paced digital world, embracing technological nostalgia can sometimes provide a unique and captivating experience. Daniel’s Bakery, a local artisanal bakery in Chile, has taken a step back in time by incorporating five Split-Flap televisions into their establishment. In this blog post, you can find pictures of these retro devices and the creative ways Daniel’s Bakery uses them to captivate customers and create a memorable experience.

Customer: Daniel’s Bakery

Location: Celerino Pereira 1530, 7790164 Ñuñoa, Región, Chile

Website: https://www.daniels.cl/

View at the shop with 5 Split Flap televisions
Making changes to the Split Flaps on a computer
Modify board content and schedules via smartphone
Show pricelists menu boards promotions messages in splitflap format
pricelists in airport style
Restaurant owner updating the content of the splitflap boards