12-inch CofFee: Always up-to-date with our new Split-Flap TV!

Customer: 12-inch CofFee

Location: Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Website: www.12inch.coffee

Split-Flap TV at a Coffee shop

12 Inch CofFee (Yes, the capital F in the middle of Coffee is intentional!) is a cafe in Saas-Fee, Switzerland that serves specialty coffee, trendy tea, and cocoa drinks, French breakfast croissants, bagels, cakes, and savory snacks. They also offer a selection of wine and beer. Customers can enjoy music, both digital and occasionally from vinyl records, while they dine.

12 Inch CofFee uses our Split-Flap TV software and a smart TV to show upcoming events and display their digital menu. This makes it easy for them to inform their customers and easily keep their digital signage up to date.

12inchcoffee splitflap screen