Split-Flap TV Documentation

Show Current Song Info (Spotify)

SEAT NEEDED: Trial, First Class

Show your current song information on your Split-Flap TV to inform viewers and listeners. You know that situation. You are sitting in a pub and a song is playing. You know the song, but you can’t remember the name, or the artist, or the group. That uncertainty is over when you can synchronize your Spotify account with your Split-Flap TV and show the current song’s title, artist and album on your screen.

To show Spotify’s now playing information on a Split-Flap TV use this shortcode below.



For example: #SPOT#A#
will show you the title of the current song.

The first part shows SPOT as the instruction to get Spotify information. A corresponds to the name or title of the current song that is playing on your Spotify account.

Note: you need to grant access to your Spotify account information first.

Code parameter

Parameter Meaning
A Name of the current song.
B Name of the artist or band.
C Name of the album.
D Name of the current song and artist.
E Name of the current song, artist and album.